Autopoetics make theatre using rich visual imagery, evocative text, and inventive physicality. We explore collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to ensemble theatre-making to tell stories about what it is to be alive in the world today.

Autopoetics is an international, Singapore-based theatre collective, founded by Chelsea Crothers, Laura Hayes, and Maiya Murphy. We are brought together by a shared interest in the meaning-making process between performer and spectator, the discovery of new devising techniques, and the visual and physical space between text and performance.

Autopoetics is also committed to Practice-as-Research (PaR) in theatre-making. We aim to not only make theatre pieces, but also use PaR frameworks during the creation of our pieces to investigate devising processes, performer training, and embodiment in theatrical creation. Look at our research section for articles, conference presentations, and workshops relating each show’s work to our PaR-based investigations.

We all teach here in Singapore based on our physical theatre expertise (at SOTA, NAFA and NUS).

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